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Windows Vista Anti-Virus Software Reviews

We try to make it as simple as possible for you. Below are a few quick reviews on the Ant i Virus programs we like to use on Vista

Vista and XP have a built in firewall. The xp firewall sucks but the Vista one is not all that bad. You should at the very least purchase a client that has both anti-virus protection and anti-spyware protection. Only having one will not do the job.

Vista Anti- Virus reviews

PCTools: You may not be all to familiar with these guys but they have been around a long time. I have always been a fan and their latest products really deliver. They have a program called Spyware Doctor with Anti virus. It's a great program that not only protects computers but it also does a far better job then most at removing viruses if you are already infected. Download the 30 Day trial Here. It is always nice to take things for a test drive before you buy.

Norton : Norton is one of those companies that have been around since the beginnings of viruses. They have built up a good reputation and that is why they are still one of the biggest companies out there. I know many people bash them but they do offer products that protect your computer. Even if they do require a bit more hands on care now and again. It's a still a great product and with the introduction of the Norton 360 software you have a ton more options. Follow this link to view Norton's product line.

Trend Micro: this company keeps winning the consumer choice award for the last 3 years for one thing or another. Last year they were rated the best virus client, spyware client and firewall on the market. I however disagree with that statement but I feel it is a solid product and they do offer free support that seems to get the job done with normally just a one call. Click here to learn more.

AVG: Now and again I get asked about AVG so I wanted to list them here. Yes the paid version of AVG is solid and works on Vista just fine. It is easier to use then most other clients and many people out there swear by it. I do not recommend using the free version as it does not provide active protection. You need to use the full program to be protected online. Click Here to learn more about

Kaspersky: This company is great at providing products that protect peoples computer. however I always seem to get lost trying to run through their firewall and the overall feel of the client turns me off. Yes it does a great job but I personally dislike the user interface and will not use the product. It is also a client that does cost a little more then most others. Click here to learn more about Kaspersky.