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Vista backup Software and How to Guides

This section is for how to guides and resources for backing up Windows Vista. In the below articles you will get a detailed guide for how to backup files and programs in Windows Vista. Only Vista business and Ultimate have a full backup utility to backup all files and programs. If you have Vista Premium or Vista basic then consider buying Acronis as it is the best on the market and even supports the 64 Bit version. Click here to learn more about acronis.com.

In the end not all people need a full backup of everything on their computer. But at the same time you most likely would miss a few items from your computer if it were to crash. be live me it will at some point and time so mae sure to do regular backups of everything you would like to save.

Remember to always backup your data on a separate drive or over a network. Do not backup data onto the same device. If that one fails then so does your backup.

Vista backup software

www.acronis.com: We already covered this a little above. It's the product I use to backup my computer. The reason is you can make a full image of your drive. Everything will be backed up even all programs and settings. It will be like nothing ever happened.

Carbonite Online Backup - 15 day free trial! Click Here: Carbonite has long been the leader in online data backup services. All you have to do is install their software and walk the the easy configuration. That is it. All the data you selected will always be backed up. Every day all the time. you never have to think about it or purchase an external drive. That real nice thing is the free trial. It's 15 days and you can see it in action before you buy. Try it and see for your self. Click Here to learn more and see the 15 day free trial.

Computer online backup should be automatic. Get free backup with Mozy or unlimited Mozy backup for $4.95: this service is just like carbonite. They have not been around as long but they still know what they are doing. The thing I like most about these guys is they offer an absolutely free backup service. No gimmicks. You do only get 2 GB for the free service but that is still a ton of word documents. If your broke or a starving college student then do this.

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