A Program You Should Not Trust : Your PC Protector

Anything related to the full protection of your computer system is very important for any of us.Our PC should be fully functional anytime. Since we do use it on a daily basis either for our own personal use or for work-related use. We should read the most we can on viruses, Trojans and similar threats ready to hurt our computer system. And to find infos about how to remove those problems from our computer. So if you see “Your PC Protector”, knows that this is a new member of the rogue family of malware programs. This means that it is a program that tricks people into thinking it is actually an antivirus and has two purposes: to infect the computer and to steal money from users. The following website http://www.removevirus.org has good infos about virus removal.

Starting with its installation, Your PC Protector begins to modify diverse settings of the browser which leads to the display of pop ups and ads. More than that, you will have problems when it comes to visiting websites, as the virus will direct you to other web pages than the ones you are interested in. This malware will also try to steal your money. Your PC protector will try to make you believe that your computer is highly compromised and the only way to clean it is to buy the full version of this malware. Here http://www.removevirus.org/remove-your-pc-protector, you will find more infos about removing this malware while this site www.pcninja.com/ is a great online repair service ready to help you to remove this virus.

The options to remove this spyware from your computer are either to do it automatically, or either manually. You should know more about each of these in order to be able to choose the option that fits you best. In what concerns the automatic removal of Your PC Protector (also known as Your PC Protection), you will have to use one of the tools that can be found on the Internet. You will be able with such an application to entirely scan your computer and to find all damaged files (because of this malware). Then the program will start to fix, or to delete, those files. The whole process will but takes a few minutes. As for the manual deletion of the program, this method is quite complicated and involves more time, because you will have to find each of the files infected by the virus. If you’re an experienced PC user, it is a good option. If you’re not really so experienced, I recommend you to use the automatic removal.

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