Bad Effects Of New Antivirus On Your PC

Computers are widely used by lots of people due to their high performing aspect. To protect those equipments against threats is a must. Like most people, you don’t want your PC to crash or to have any problems whether you’re using your equipment at home or at work. But many of us will end up in a situation where they have to fix their computer because of such infection. You might even get more troubled to learn that some computer system might have been infected since a while without the user even knowing it. So the PC won’t perform as well as before. This is what will happen when New Antivirus will hit and infect your PC. Here, you will learn a lot more about how to remove New Antivirus.

The first thing you should know is that this malware will behave like a real antivirus program, that’s why it was called New Antivirus. Once it has infected your system, this malware will start some fake system scan of your computer. The reason it is doing that it to make you believe it is a legit application. During the scan process the application prepares its presence on the operating system, by deleting, modifying and creating various files. A very important change this malware will do to your computer will be to modify components of your OS so you won’t be able to execute any antivirus products you have on your PC. Even after doing that, New Antivirus will modify your settings and configurations. Check this website if you want to know how to remove Security Tool and this one is a great online service dedicated to repair any threats on your PC.

This malware is very annoying for people using the Internet. When you’re browsing the Internet, New Antivirus will always show lots of popups and various commercial ads. Then you will be redirected to various pages rather the one you’re trying to surf. That’s very dangerous for your PC since you might get infected with even more viruses.

Users that have knowledge about this application are lucky as they can more easily identify it and try to remove it from the PC. There are 2 methods to clean your computer from New Antivirus: the first method is to manually clean New Antivirus from your computer. The second method is to use a specialized software (downloadable from the Internet) that will do the job.

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