Everything You Should Know About Security Guard

Even though the name of this program seems to refer to something good, Security Guard is but a virus that will infect many PC users. You will most likely get infected by such a threat via 2 known Trojans roaming the Internet: Vundo and Zlob. This software has many variants. Besides lots of similar programs do exist. It is very important for any PC users to know more about such programs in order to get the better protection available. Security Guard will try to make you believe it is a good security related solution. It is not a good program and it will affect your computer in 2 ways: first, the performance of your PC will be affected badly, and you might compromise your credit card infos. Here you will find pertinent infos about virus removal.

Once it has installed itself on your computer system, this application will change your OS main files while scanning your computer for infections (this is but a fake scan). After that, this malware will try to make you an online purchase for its registered version telling you that only that version can really remove all those viruses from your computer. As you can guess, lots of computer users will buy the full version (and lose their money). This program will send many alerts and commercial ads on your screen saying your computer is compromised. Besides that, the rogue anti spyware application also changes other of the browsers settings, making very difficult for the user to properly use the internet. When people choose to buy the full version of this program, they do not only pay their money for a scam, but they can also lose important financial data. This site removevirus.org has all the infos you need to know about virus removal while this one will show you how to remove Security Guard.

Another thing it will do on your PC will be to reduce the computer’s performance. So you will not be able to fully use your computer. This malware is really a strong one, you will have an hard time identifying it and removing it. But, there are very good programs that will fully delete Security Guard from your PC. Some people might try to manually clean their computer system from this threat. In order to do that, they have to find all files part of this malware. If you’re good with computers, you might try such removal. This is not an easy way to clean such program and you might damage your PC.

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