Get Rid Of Advanced Defender Right Now

Since our computers are very useful and important to many people, they need to fully protect their computer system from physical damages and as well of viruses, worms and such threats. The first kind of problem (physical related) is quite easy to avoid while the second one (viruses related) is not so easy for two main reasons. The spread use of the Internet and the newer ways found by virus makers to infect computers make more difficult to protect one’s system. While the name Advanced Defender suggests the contrary, this application is actually one of the most recent and annoying viruses that infect the operating system in the present. The following website has lots of info about removing this threat.

This program is a spyware. It is usually spread around by Trojans found on the Internet. You might use the Internet and without your knowledge, you will get infected by some Trojans. This kind of virus will then proceed to automatically install Advanced Defender unto your PC. As the name doesn’t suggest a threat, users dont have the tendency to stop the installation.This online service will help you remove this malware while this one has lots of info about virus removal. After the completion of the installation, the following activities will be observed:

- Each time you will log in or reboot your system, Advanced Defender will load itself in memory automatically;

- The virus starts creating various files all over the operating system and deletes some of the useful files from the computer;

- This malware will do a fake scan of your system. It will then show you a list of non existent threats including the previously created fake files;

- This malware will try to make you an online purchase for some full version of it claiming only the full version can clean your PC of all those threats;

- Then this program will modify your browser’s configurations. You will after that have troubles accessing the Internet besides having lots of pop ups and ads on your screen;

- Advanced Defender also stops real anti viruses and Windows security tools to run properly.

You then have two main options to delete this malware. First you can use an automatic removal program that will do the whole thing for you, or you can try to remove it manually.

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