Get To Know More About Advanced Defender

Our PC systems are useful equipments. Every PC user need to protect them from both physical damages and virtual ones like viruses, and such. To protect our PC from physical damages is quite easy. While protecting it from viruses, worms and similar problems is a bit more complicated for two things. The spread use of the Internet and the newer ways found by virus makers to infect computers make more difficult to protect one’s system. Although you might think that a name like ‘Advanced Defender’ is but something that is good for you: it is not. It’s the name of one of the latest malware to infect PCs. The following website has lots of info about removing this threat.

This kind of program is a rogue program. It will infect your computer system when you’re using the Internet. A way to get infected is when you’re surfing the net. You might get some Trojans and they will install automatically that spyware unto your system. As the name doesn’t suggest a threat, users dont have the tendency to stop the installation.This online service will help you remove this malware while this one has lots of info about virus removal. After having infected your computer system, this malware will do the following:

- It will run itself whenever you’re booting your computer. That’s how it did configure your PC while installing itself;

- You will get new files being created by Advanced Defender all over your computer system besides getting good files being deleted;

- This spyware will do a fake system scan of your PC. You will then get a long report saying your computer has been infected by lots of threats. The fake files part of the previous creation process will be part of that report;

- It will then ask you to buy the full registered version saying that’s the only way to protect your computer;

- The next step is the modification of the browsers settings, which results in a difficult access to the Internet and the constant display of ads and pop ups;

- Advanced Defender also stops real anti viruses and Windows security tools to run properly.

You then have two main options to delete this malware. First you can use an automatic removal program that will do the whole thing for you, or you can try to remove it manually.

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