Get To Know More About Security Antivirus

Malware are one of the most dangerous viruses to hit computer those days. They are not easily identified as such by lots of users. Viruses are threats not easy seen by most, if not all, PC users because they are trying to remain the most hidden they can. Unlike rogue programs that will show themselves openly but most people won’t believe they are the real problem behind lots of damaging effects. One such rogue program is Security Antivirus. It will simply try to mislead you it is a good program so you’ll allow it to function without problems. The following site contains good infos about this malware.

Usually, the computers are infected with this program by the means of Trojans that people interact with every day they use the Internet. Lots of PC users when being asked to install a program named ‘Security Antivirus’ will do it thinking they are installing an useful application. There are also many cases when the program gets automatically installed but it does not generate any suspicions due to its following behavior. Once this malware is well rooted unto your computer system, it will do some system scan so you will think you just installed some antivirus product. Go here if you want to know about a good online service dedicated to delete such virus from your computer while this website has lots of infos about removing virus.

In reality, at the final of the scan, people are provided with a list of nonexistent threats, some of the healthy files from the operating system, and other files that were purposely created by Security Antivirus. The following stage is to convince the users to buy the full version of the application in order to benefit from a better protection and many persons fall to this scam and actually pay for the worthless program.

Stealing money is not the only goal of the virus, as it also starts messing with the operating system in order to modify the settings that are related to the access to Internet. The result being that once infected by this malware, you will start getting lots of ads, pop ups besides being redirected to compromised websites whenever you try to surf the Internet.

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