Is It Really My Security Wall or Just a Scam?

Living in a secure environment is an important aspect of people’s lives. Our past experiences dictate us a lot about what kind of interactions we have. whether we interact with humans or with technology, which is a major element for the world we live in. Many times, what we do expect is what we do get. And sometimes the opposite will also happen to us. Some viruses have a specific behaviour that do affect a lot the security of our PCs. Rogue anti virus programs, like My Security Wall, pretend to be helping our computer, but eventually deceive our initial expectations by ruining the operating systems. Go here to find pertinent information about this threat.

So what My Security Wall will do to your computer ? This spyware was first reported in February 2010. As the others spyware part of the above mentioned group, it is going to act as a real antivirus solution once on your computer. Soon after the installation, the program starts scanning your computer for threats, but the process itself is no more than a scam.This website is an online service dedicated to delete viruses like this one, while here you will learn a lot about virus removal.

During that process, this spyware will remove useful files used by your PC and will create new files part of 2 main categories: the first group are those of useless and harmless files. Second group are files that are helping this spyware to function. So this malware will report lots of threats being found on your computer. This rogue program either created those files to further mislead you, or simply reported very good and useful files that are not infected at all.

Once the position of the program is established by the means of this process, in the second phase, this malware will show lots of pop-ups and commercial ads. It will also redirect you from one website to others (bad ones).

As you can see, My Security Wall is no more than a program that hijacks your PC and slows down its performance. Two main choices are then available to you: the first choice is a manual removal. The second choice is an automatic removal done by appropriate software that you should use the moment you’re aware of the previously described symptoms.

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