Learn Everything About Antivirus Soft

One of the latest mentioned names when it comes to rogue anti spyware is Antivirus Soft, a program that does exactly the opposite of what its name suggests. Trojans will infect your PC and thus will install Antivirus Soft. They are to be found over the Internet when browsing sites. These Trojans recommend the application as an anti virus that is very beneficial to ones computer. So once installed, this malware will perform a fake system scan of your computer and will report it as being deeply infected. Antivirus Soft created those false threats while scanning your computer and in any case, they are not existent. This site http://www.removevirus.org has lots of infos about virus removal.

Then Antivirus Soft will change your browser’s configuration. Using the web will be but a painful experience. When browsing the net, you will then be redirected to dangerous websites. This malware will tell you that the good sites you’re trying to access are indeed dangerous ones. So it will block you of accessing them. Of course, it’s but a lie. This malware will also show you lots of popups and commercial ads. This is because of what happened to your browser’s settings. Check here http://www.removevirus.org/antivirus-soft for more infos about Antivirus Soft while this website http://www.pcninja.com/ is an online service dedicated to remove threats like this one.

Besides hurting your computer the most it can, this rogue program will try to get your money. This malware will try to make you believe your computer is infected. So it will ask you to buy the full version of it claiming that’s the only way to clean your system. This malware will lead you to some online website where you will be asked to pay for a fake program.

Even if you don’t buy it and rather ignore this thing: you have to delete this malware from your PC, mostly because it is affecting your system’s performance in a negative way. I do suggest you to effectively delete this rogue program from your PC to find a good online program that will do it automatically for you. If you’re very good with computers, you can try to manually remove Antivirus Soft.

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