Paladin Antivirus: A New Threat You Should Be Aware Of

Paladin Antivirus is a bad program many people had to deal with those last days. This software will try to make you believe it is but a good app.This is a spyware related application. It will try to make you believe it is a real security related program dedicated to protect computers from infections. This spyware wants you to buy some false online version besides trying to damage your computer the most it can. Let’s talk a bit more about this program. This website has lots of info about removing virus.

You will get infected by this spyware via Trojans. They will pretend that Paladin Antivirus is a good program. Once infected, your computer will be configured to execute this malware on each logon. So this spyware will compromise your system a lot. After infecting your PC, this rogue program will do a false scan of it. You will get a report full of threats (all false). The program wants you to believe you do need some virus protection. Doing so, this malware will recommend you to buy the full online registered version of it. Saying only the full version can clean your PC of all those threats (they are non existent). This program will give you a link where you will be able to buy the online version of this (false) application. Go here to get all the information needed about this malware while this site is dedicated to help you clean your PC from such threat.

The main purpose of this spyware is to rob your money. But Paladin Antivirus will also behave like a normal virus and compromise your system a lot. Your computer will have a slower performance whenever it is infected by Paladin Antivirus. It will create fake files all over your system besides displaying ads and various popups. You will find out your browser’s configuration has been modified. So whenever you try to access the Internet, this malware will lead you to more bad websites.

Only deleting Paladin Antivirus will enable you to fully use your PC as before. This rogue software was designed not to be removed easily by anyone. This is why it is recommended to use an automatic tool for removing this virus instead of wasting your time with manual Paladin Antivirus removal.

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