Stay Away From Antivirus Live

If you do hear about a program called Antivirus Live, you will but believe this is a good program ready to protect your PC from various threats and viruses. Such a name, like lots of others ones, is part of a virus kind that will let you believe something good (since its name) while in fact will behave in very bad ways. They are part of the badware category. Those viruses are compromising many computers every day. Such threat is very difficult to properly detect and even more to remove from the PC. Check here to learn how to remove Antivirus Live.

Antivirus Live is usually installed on peoples computers with the help of Trojans and pretends to be an efficient trial for an anti virus program.This site has good info about virus removal while this one will tell you how to remove spyware. With this apparent purpose, the application begins to scan your computer and during the process it creates, modifies and deletes files, the most important changes it makes being the following:

- Once on your computer, this spyware will change the configuration of any antivirus products you have. This is how this program will hide itself from any detection attempt you may try.

- The virus also starts a fake scan of the computer and provides the users with fake results, containing threats that were created by during the scan process.

- Once the scan process is done, this malware will start displaying popups and ads. This way, this program will try to further convince you do need a better security product on your PC. All the time it is infecting your PC, you will notice your computer is running slower than usual.

- Once these steps are completed, Antivirus Live attacks on a different side, asking the users to pay for its full version in order to get rid of all the otherwise nonexistent threats.

You will find out that this malware won’t stop trying to get your money. Always be careful about those malware. This is the only way you can really protect your system from them. But once you did detect this malware is on your PC, there are easy ways for you to clean your computer from it.

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