Stay Away From Security Essentials 2010

Similar to Internet Security 2010 and similar to many other applications that fall into the category of rogue anti spyware, Security Essential 2010 is a scam that affects an increasing number of computers. Your computer will become infected by this malware the moment you do hit some Trojans (that will infect your PC) when navigating the Internet. You might see some programs claiming to be some flash related ones. In fact, they are Trojans that will install that spyware on your computer once you do use them. During the installation process, the settings created allow the program to start with the operating system and to run in the background for as long as the computer is turned on. Check this site to learn more about this spyware.

Security Essentials 2010 will display a behaviour very similar to real antivirus products so you won’t think at first you are indeed being infected with a malware. Once it starts running, it begins to scan the computer for potential infections and provides users with long lists of threats. This spyware will create fake files besides modifying good ones used by Windows. So the list you will see is but a fake one full of threats not even on your computer. Security Essentials 2010 will say that it cannot fix those viruses and that you have to upgrade (buy) the full registered version of it to fully clean your system. Lots of people fall for this trap and lose their money. This website is an online service ready to help you clean your PC from viruses while this one will help you learn more about virus removal.

This malware will display ads and popups all over the time. It will also slow and affect badly your computer performance. This spyware is not easy to get deleted. You will not be able to run any executable because this malware will tell you they are viruses. The thing is that Security Essentials 2010 don’t want you to run anything that will delete it.

Automatic removal and manual one are the two main options you have when you do consider cleaning your computer from this rogueware. Removing Security Essentials 2010 with some automatic tool is very easy and fast. Otherwise, you can get the manual procedure to remove this threat from your PC available on the internet.

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