Stay Away From Vundo

If you’re new to computers, you might find it very annoying to have a virus on your PC given you don’t really know what to do next. Since almost everyone use the web on a daily basis, there is nothing new to learn than many systems become infected by viruses and such. Many people do eventually get infected by Vundo, also known as Juan. Here has lots of infos about virus removal. Let’s see what makes this virus so unwanted by most people:

– When installed, its settings allow it to run with the Windows and to always reside in the back. It modifies the code of eplorer.exe and as a result is automatically re-opened whenever the user closes the application. Go here how to remove vundo to learn more about vundo removal. Go here is an online service to repair PC problems.

- Your browser’s configuration will be changed. Also when you will try to surf a given website, this virus will redirect you to compromised web pages.

- This virus will also do the following: shows lots of popups, and commercial ads. The last ones being usually for rogue programs. So whenever you try those links thinking you will install sometimes useful: you will but infect even more your PC.

- Your Task Manager will be disabled by Vundo. The main reason is that this virus does not want you to remove it so easily.

- You will also notice the following: your PC won’t boot so easily and it will take time, you will have trouble starting any programs and the whole performance of your computer will be very bad.

- This virus will install more unwanted applications (porn adware and similar programs).

So this virus will compromise your PC a lot. Some are not easy to be seen at first. Others will directly damage your computer and make it run even slower. This virus has been around for years. There are 2 main options to clean your system from it: doing it automatically or simply manually.. For those with none to few knowledge of computers, I do recommend to remove this virus automatically. This way you are sure to 100% clean it from your PC and that it won’t damage further your system.. Only choose the manual removal option if you’re good with computers and follow the instructions step by step.

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