What to Expect When Infected With Security Antivirus

Rogues security applications are some of the most difficult to be handled viruses that threat our computers nowadays. Main reason being they are difficult to be properly identified by lots of PC users. Unlike viruses that are difficult to be found on the system because they begin with minimal and hard to be observed symptoms, rogue anti viruses symptoms are easily to be observed but it is often complicated to understand what the exact application that causes the negative effects is. Security Antivirus is one such program and it works based on a simple concept: misleading users so that they would allow the program to run on the operating system. The following site http://www.removevirus.org/security-antivirus contains good infos about this malware.

Such a malware will infect computers using Trojans. Anytime you’re surfing the web, you can get such a Trojan. Most people when seeing an application named ‘Security Antivirus’ won’t think twice and will simply install it thinking it is but a good program. There are also many cases when the program gets automatically installed but it does not generate any suspicions due to its following behavior. Once on your computer, it will start scanning your PC in order to fool you enough so you think it is but a security-related application. Go here http://www.pcninja.com/ if you want to know about a good online service dedicated to delete such virus from your computer while this website virus removal has lots of infos about removing virus.

In reality, at the final of the scan, people are provided with a list of nonexistent threats, some of the healthy files from the operating system, and other files that were purposely created by Security Antivirus. The next thing this program will do is to ask you to buy some full version of it claiming that only this full version will fully protect your PC. Lots of people do fall for this trap and pay for something non existent.

This malware will do a lot more than robbing your money. It will modify your Internet configuration besides compromising your PC. As a consequence, when infected with Security Antivirus, you will also be overwhelmed by the display of a multitude of ads and pop ups and you will be directed to other websites than the once you want to visit.

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