XP Antivirus 2010: A New Threat You Should Be Aware Of

We can see on a global level that lots of people are having technical problems with their computer (security-related problems).We know some people who are complaining about poor performance from their system on a daily basis. One day, such a thing eventually happens to any of us. The main reason that causes low performances in computers and other negative effects is represented by the increasing spread of viruses. One of the most recent categories of viruses that affect a high number of PCs every day is that of rogue anti spyware applications, which includes XP Antivirus 2010 as well. The following website http://www.removevirus.org/xp-antivirus-pro-2010 has lots of info’s about this threat.

It is also known as Antivirus 2010. Being found almost only on the internet, most PC users have a hard time staying away from it. Most people will surf the web, searching things, looking movies when they will get infected by some applications without knowing too much what really happened. When it comes to XP Antivirus 2010, its installation on the PC is possible with the help of various Trojans that come with the video codec applications we need to watch movies. This online service http://www.pcninja.com/ will help you remove this malware from your PC while this site has good info about virus removal.

Don’t believe this application based on its name. You will noticed your security-related program will first be deactivated by this malware. Then Antivirus 2010 will falsely scan your computer system. You will get a long list of threats that this program claimed to have found on your computer – unless you purchase the online version of this program, this spyware will claim it cannot delete all those threats. Unfortunately, many users fall for the scam and get to give their money for a worthless program.

When you deal with XP Antivirus 2010 the only solution you have is to completely remove the program out of the operating system as soon as possible. First, you can try to use an online application that will automatically clean your PC from XP Antivirus Pro. The other solution that you have refers to manually deleting the program, and you can do so by using the “Add or Remove Programs” service available from Windows. Even if the second option is a good one, I do recommend that you choose the automatic removal since it will delete all the files related to this malware.

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