Your System is Infected Virus

Your System is Infected is the name of a desktop hijack roaming the web. There are more scams possible on the Internet.This way to trick users has been around since a while. The point of displaying this message on a user’s desktop is to create fear in that individual. Each time, you will notice the following: some false security program will promote itself, or will install itself while displaying the previous warning message. The following site will help you to delete this bad program.

About 10 years back these kinds of messages first started coming out. It was like 4 years ago that this program started really to damage computers. Many times, the first versions of this bad programs show bad words (profanities). We are not talking about 1 or 2 bad words…but many of them. They were simply trying to make the person feel embarrassed and create a fear of loss and doubt in the consumer. The goal was to get the person to purchase the security software being pitched. During a period, even porn was used as a method to hijack your desktop. The following online service has true experts to help you remove this bad program once for all.

I remember clients calling me up very embarrassed about it and saying they have kids who cannot see things like this. Many of them did purchase the fake security program just to get rid of the message. Paying for the full version did not remove the problem from the computers.

This kind of attacks tend to catch lots of unaware users, like you and I. They will hurt you and are very efficient to do it. Don’t be scammed and do not purchase any bogus client. You will but perpetuate this scam and help those hackers. The following site Malware Removal will help you to remove this threat.

To remove the warning “Your system is infected” you should use a good security client. The security program will also remove any others viruses from your computer system. To remove the graphic you are seeing and to reset your Desktop : simply use any excellent security client.

What is difficult for most people is to find a good protection program to remove this problem. This is because in about 70% of cases a user will not be able to install any programs. If you are one of them, simply check one of the links you have seen before. We have listed several items that should be very helpful to you.

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