How to remove System Progressive Protection

System Progressive Protection is known as malware and acts like a real antivirus client but it’s all just a trick.  This virus shows false scan information to scare the user into purchasing the fake System Progressive Protection antivirus client.  What makes this threat hard to remove for many is they are unable to user other antivirus clients. Killing off the main executable is the best way to be able to use other programs.

One of the better self help directions can be found on this Guide. For general information on viruses you can visit the home page.

Killing of the main running process to this malware is the best way to stop it dead in it’s tracks.  Knowing the file name to stop and the location of that file is a whole different problem.  In the link provided above shows where the current folder path is for this virus.

You may also want to try and do a system restore.  In many cases this will un-do the install of the malware.  You may also want to try to load up a different users account.  It’s very common for only 1 user account to be infected while others show no sign.

Other information on this virus threat can be found at

Having up front virus protection is a must in this day and age. In many cases having the anti-virus client would of stop this kind of infection. Having your operating system and web browser up to date is also needed. Taking a little caution when online like not downloading software from sites you do not trust can go a long way in preventing malware like System Progressive Protection.

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