XP to Windows 7 File Transfer

Since the official market release of Microsoft Windows 7, a large amount of users have actually decided to try this new operating system. However, as any new platform, Windows 7 has its complications as well, even if they seem to be less problematic then other comparable Windows releases. One of the main problems when deciding to migrate to Windows 7, especially if you have just purchased a new computer alongside this operating system, is the file transfer between your old setup and Windows 7.

In most cases users want to transfer programs and custom settings and files over to the Windows 7 operating system or new computer.  To do this you have two options.  However only one of them will be able to transfer over programs.

In order to ensure proper XP to Windows 7 file transfer, one of the most common utilities that has proven a lot of success and respect from software review magazines is Laplink PCMOVER. This software is designed to scan, detect and help users in the migration process of files, data and settings from any actual PC to a new PC.  Overall this software program is very easy to use.  You install the program on both machines and then follow the on screens prompts.  You can use the data transfer cable method, do it over a network or even a delayed transfer to an external device.  This is the only program on the market that can transfer over programs so you don’t really have a chose if that is what you need to do.

A free method that is well worth mentioning is the Easy Transfer Wizard that is installed on both XP and Vista and Windows 7 computers.  The Wizard has a nice interface that allows you to transfer over all your user and custom settings as well as personal files.  The down side to this program is it will not be able to transfer over programs and does not always seem to work right.  It is not uncommon to have to two the transfer a few times to get everything you want.  The transfer can take a day or two as well for some reason when done over the network you need to make sure none of the computer go to sleep or offline.  Before you do the transfer you will need to pre-install any software programs onto the Windows 7 computer.  This is only needed if you want to transfer over custom settings from programs that you plan on using.  Outlook and Quickbooks would be good examples of this.

For my time and money I would recommend just using the Laplink PCmover program.  It’s easier and tends to do a great job transferring over data from XP to Windows 7.

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9 Responses to “XP to Windows 7 File Transfer”

  1. John McCumiskey says:

    I have just bought a new 64bit PC and wish to transfer my files, and also some of my old programmes from my old 32bit PC to the new one.
    I am very much a novice as far as PCs are concerned and from what I have read it seems that the Laplink PCmover is what I require.
    However I have now just found that Laplink have another programme called the PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant. Can you tell me whether the Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant is intended as a stand alone programme which will do the job by its-self, or is it intended for use as a supplement to the original PCmover

  2. admin says:

    GREAT question John,

    The Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant is a stand alone product that lets you upgrade from XP to Windows 7. Microsoft does not have an upgrade path for this.

    If you are upgrading from lets say Vista 32 over to Windows 7 64 then you will want to use the regular or pro version of PCmover. It just depends on your exact needs and from what operating system you are upgrading from.

    FYI: Get the laplink 2.0 USB cable. It makes the transfer a ton easier and quicker. Do expect the whole process to take 1-3 hours depending on how much data you have. Keep in mind that there is an undo migration button as well if you mess up.

    If this did not answer your questions then please ask for further clarification

  3. John McCumiskey says:

    Thanks Admin;
    Thanks for your rapid response, and my apologies; I should of course have mentioned that my old PC is running on WindowsXP.
    Can you confirm then,that my requirements to get the job done are, Laplink Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant accompanied by the Laplink 2.0 USB cable, and nothing else.

    Regards John McCumiskey

  4. admin says:

    Unless you are updating the actual operating system on your XP computer to Windows 7 you should not use the upgrade Assistant. That program is for those who are keeping the same computer just upgrading to Windows 7

    If I understand correctly you have a NEW computer with Windows 7 already on it. If that is the case then use the PCMover program. Worst case you have 30 days to get your money back if it does not do what you want it to do. Personally I think it is the best data transfer program hands down.

  5. John McCumiskey says:

    Once again, thanks for rapid response and explaination of the purpose of the Upgrade Assistant programme. This is not really made clear in Laplink’s advertising. I can now proceed. Many thanks.
    John McCumiskey

  6. Ronald Stewart says:

    I too am transferring from XP 32 bit machine to new Windows 7 64 bit machine.
    However the PCmover I have only mentions use up to vista level (no mention of 7).
    Will what I have work?

  7. admin says:

    I do not know what version you have. It’s it’s the latest PC Mover version then yes it will work. Ensure PC Mover is updated after you install the program for best results. Remember that PC MOver has an undo button so if things go wrong you can just hit that.

  8. Charles Spangler says:

    I have a Pagekeeper program, created by Caare version 2.0 on a computer running Windows 98. We now have a new HP running Windows 7 Pro software with the XP option. Is there way to transfer the Data to the Windows 7 Pro HP? Thank You for any help that you can give.

  9. admin says:

    The answer is it depends.

    because you have the Windows 7 pro version you should be able to run the pagekeeper program in XP mode if it only runs on XP. Providing you have the disc for Pagekeeper you should be able to attempt an install on Win7 and then import the date over from the XP computer via the network or external data source like a USB thumb drive / USB hardrive.

    Most programs out there have an import / Export option. If it does not then I would consider the program to be flawed.

    FYI: Some programs out there do not really make any changes to the Windows registry. this could easily be the case with your program if it ran on 98. You may be able to just copy over the whole folder that the program resides in over to a new location on the computer. From there try running the executable ( .exe) and see what happens.

    Lastly you can always contact the maker of the program for what they recommend you do.

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