Windows 7 set for Oct 22 launch

It is rather rare when Microsoft sets a target launch date and then meets it.  Just today Microsoft has officially anounced that it will meet the Oct 22 dead line and launch Windows 7.  The code and final version have been set and they are now ready to start producing compies of the operating system.

Office 2009 also seems to be going smooth and so far they are expected to make the target launch date on this as well.

For Windows 7 users can expect much of the same features as in Windows Vista but they have improved the overall stability of the system and have mde it a little more user friendly.  All in all after demoing the product I can say I am pleased with the new design and layout.

The thing that made Vista fall flat was not all Microsofts fault.  In fact as a the owner of a computer repair and consullting company I found most issues my users had were related mostly on the other software vendors.  They did not have enough time to re-engineer their software to work on both a Vista operating system and a 64 bit OS.

I feel both of these reasons were largly to blame for the heat that Vista took.  Now that 64 bit computing has gone more main stream and companies all over have had the apropriate time to make the needed software changes, I feel the Windows 7  will be widely accepeted by many out there.

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